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Presentation of XAPool(PDF) made for the Objectweb architecture meeting in July 2003.
README.txt (click on README.txt in files list)
Javadoc API 1.3
(the best documentation is the example part for the moment).

Old versions documentation (tar/gzip format for download)
Javadoc API 1.2
Javadoc API 1.1
Javadoc API 1.0

- added logging information
- changed Andy last name (sorry)
- made a lot of changes in jotmxapooltest by Andy
- added example HSQL config
- added sapdb example in spy.properties
- prepareStatement(String, int, int) was not getting associated
  with the transaction
- get the last version of jotm (1.4.3)

- added comments in GenericPool
- added a lot of method comments
- fixed a bug with multithreaded process (was a regression)
- removed a wrong test, which made a bug, in XAConnection
- added 2 tests, a multithreaded test and a contribution from A. Zeneski
- added the last version of JOTM (1.4.3), and carol
- removed TraceTm uses with JOTM
- changed the XAPool way of log (log4j.properties)

- removed the limit for used objects inside the same transaction (limit was 100)
- fixed a bug in the XADataSource object, to check if the current connection
  is not already in the freeConnection Vector.
- fixed a bug when the pool size decreased and connection lifetime is
  reached. This bug appears when the pool activity is not important, and
  the number of used connections is lesser than the max size of the pool.
- switch to off the boolean status of the pool

- added a console appender to the log4j configuration file, to 
  log with the complete name (org.enhydra.jdbc.xapool)
- fixed a bug when using multiple connection inside 
  the same transaction
- changed the logger name xapool, and now use the complete name

- bug fixes in JNDI mechanism
- added logs with commons-logging
- added several examples

This version includes major changes, and correct a lot of bugs. 
Main changes are:
- AutoCommit value is now saved before the begin of the 
  transaction and restored to the commit or rollback of the 
- when no transaction is defined, and the AutoCommit flag sets 
  to false, when the user calls close() on the connection, the 
  connection is rollbacked
- fixed bug when the connection is opened before the begin 
  of the transaction and close after the commit or rollback 
  (connection enrolled a posteriori)
- fixed bugs in the cache prepared statement mechanism
- added commons logging to log inside XAPool
- added 5 more examples (tests) to demonstrate 
  the XAPool functionalities